What Financial Domination and Female Supremacy are to me.

When I decided to create this blog I had a ton of ideas running through my head, but where should I start? How can I set the stage and overall tone of my blog–what should my first post be about?

Financial domination. Female supremacy. As women, we have a natural dominancy over men. We are superior. If you’re reading this, you’re likely someone who already knows the basics of this concept, but I’m going to explain what it is and what it means to me. If you’re a domme this is likely to resonate with you, and if you’re a true submissive you already know your place. Let’s get to it shall we?

I first discovered my desire to use men in my first year of high school. There was a boy in a few of my classes who I learned had a crush on me. Rather than trying to get to know him, I convinced him that he should skip class to buy cookies for my friends and I. Totally harmless. Soon enough cookies turned into my lunch. My lunch turned into $10-$20 everyday, just because. I was unconsciously taking nearly $100 every week from this boy at 15 years old, but I obviously had no idea what financial domination was at that point in my life. All I knew was that I liked money, he liked giving me money and I liked taking his money.

It quickly became very routine. Everyday I would say “Heeey, where’s my money?” and he would pull out his wallet and hand it over… until one day he said “I have nothing left… I’m broke,” Broke. B R O K E. My initial instinct was to feel guilty; aside from buying his own lunch his entire biweekly allowance had been going to me and he had nothing left. But really, I just felt powerful. I laughed and said “that’s awful… you should figure it out by tomorrow though!” And he did. I didn’t know how and I didn’t care, I got my cash and that’s what mattered. I had this kid in the palm of my hand and it felt great.

Fast forward to today, and I now identify as a financial dominatrix and female supremacist. Men are inferior creatures, and their false illusion of superiority comes from one thing and one thing only… money. When it comes to men, money is power, so what better way to emasculate them than to awaken their inner submissive nature by taking their sense of power… their hard-earned money. I chew men up and spit them out, for fun. It’s abundantly clear that men serve no other purpose in my life other than funding it.

I dream of a world where every woman discovers her dominant self and every man bows down to our divine glory.

xoxo, Nella


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